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NIB Crystal CTx-1500 Complete Home Theater System

NIB Crystal CTx-1500 Complete Home Theater System

NIB Crystal CTx-1500 Complete Home Theater System

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CTx-1500    MSRP $3,999.00

Our CTx-1500 is for audio enthusiasts who seek ultimate sonic accuracy. Premium components and Crystal’s most sophisticated technologies bring you all the inner detail and dynamic impact your music and movie sources can deliver. Finished in hand-rubbed black lacquer with wood side-panels, CTx speakers look as stunning as they sound.

Serious listeners seeking top of the line audio performance, look no further than CTx-1500 from Crystal Home Theater. High resolution formats and traditional sources such as CD and vinyl deserve to be played on the finest quality speakers.  CTx speakers will reveal what you've been missing with their incredible accuracy and detail. Highs sound extended and crisp without any harshness, midrange is clean and refined while bass is natural and warm sounding without a hint of boom. Play your favorite music and immerse yourself in CTx-1500 - you'll hear the artist step out into the room with you.

CTx-1500 Home Theater System comes in 4 tower speakers, a center channel speaker and a subwoofer, so you can create everything from a serious two-channel system to a full blown multi-channel home theater system. But we didn't forget their looks- with a piano gloss black cabinet and wood side panels, they could be mistaken for high grade furniture. We spared no expense in bringing you the finest quality speaker.

These exotic tweeters offer some of the finest highs you'll hear out of a speaker. The exotic tweeter is the same one found on ultra-high end speakers that cost more than a car! But with Crystal’s tweeters, you can experience its precise accuracy and meticulous detail at a fraction of the price.

Aerated Polypropylene Drivers
The system sound so warm and natural.   The material the speaker is made of has a lot to do with it. Aerated polypropylene is stiff on the outside providing transient response, but "chewy' on the inside providing damping and light mass.  It is a perfected method of analyzing a speaker's behavior at the microscopic level with lasers to tune out unwanted resonance and distortion.

Sonic Port
Featured in all models. Unfortunately all speakers have a resonance point that will cause midbass boom causing vocals to sound "chesty." We address this problem head on with our own Sonic Port technology bringing you clear, resonance free midrange.

Piano Gloss Black Wood Enclosure
The piano gloss black finished with wood side panels looks classy and blends in with either antique décor or modern high tech furnishings, but it doesn't stop there. The cabinet is extensively braced against any unwanted cabinet resonance.

Advanced Crossover
The advanced crossover configuration provides wider dispersion and greater midrange accuracy on multi-driver speakers. It's only used on higher end speakers. Your mids will sound more natural and every seat will hear spectacular sound.

Remote Control
The fully functional remote control allows you to adjust your whole system without getting up from your seat.  

Magnetically Shielded
All models are magnetically shielded for safe placement near CRT displays.

Multiple Hook-Up Options
Multiple inputs and 5 sets binding posts for speaker level outputs allows easy connection to your Crystal Home Theater System.

Intelligent Digital Amplifier
Crystal subwoofers use intelligent digital amplifiers. Allows for high efficiency, bullet proof reliability and minimal heat generation.  This means, not only can they put lots of power to your woofer, they'll use very little power at low volumes or standby mode. Think that maybe this unit can put out too much power? No problem, use the handy remote and turn it down. But at idle, the intelligent amplifier barely draws any power.

Optimized Woofer
Crystal engineers were able to optimize the woofer's motor structure, voice coil alignment and suspension bringing you the best possible performance even at extreme listening levels.  Our woofers have Composite Kevlar Fiber Cones, which is lightweight and stiff for greater efficiency and cone control bringing you maximum boom for the buck. They also have Polyether Urethane Surround, provides superior damping and will not rot like other cheaper foam surrounds, providing years of reliable service.

Subwoofer Enclosure
Beautifully crafted and extensively braced with a thick MDF baffle. The cabinet not only looks great but is structurally sound bringing you tight and controlled bass. Finished in high quality wood veneer and piano gloss black, these subs matching today's high tech TVs, furniture and speakers.

Bass Port
Crystal technology is featured on every Home Theater System speaker.  With significantly more surface area than a traditional circular port, this design means gobs of low-end output without unwanted air chuffing noises.

Premium Connectors
All speaker connectors are made for maximum signal transfer. 



Output power (RMS)

5x240W, 1x800W

Frequency response

20-20000 Hz

Signal to noise ratio

>87 dB

Sound System

Dolby Digital, Prologic II, Stereo

Sound Enhancement

Digital Amplifier, Night Mode

Equalizer settings

Hall, Disco, Classic, Matrix, Live, Church, Rock



No. of preset Audio Channels


Tuner Bands




Rear Connections

MP3 Line-in, AC-3 DVD input, 3 Audio Inputs, FM Antenna, AM Antenna, Easy-Fit Binding Post speaker connectors



Power supply

120V, 60Hz

Standby power consumption

< 1 W

Power consumption

200 W



Satellite speaker

4 Floor standing pillars, Magnetically shielded, 3 way

Satellite speaker drivers

1 x 1" tweeter, 2 x 3" woofers

Satellite speaker impedance

8 ohm

Satellite speaker freq range

160-20000 Hz

Satellite speaker dimension

135mm x 1070mm x 140mm

Center Speaker

1 Flat surface mount, Magnetically shielded, 3 way

Center speaker drivers

1 x 1" tweeter, 2 x 3" woofers

Center speaker impedance

8 ohm

Center freq range

160-20000 Hz

Center Speaker dimension

395mm x 140mm x 144mm

Subwoofer driver

12" high efficiency woofer

Subwoofer impedance

8 ohm

Subwoofer freq range

20-180 Hz

Subwoofer type


Subwoofer dimension

420mm x 285mm x 410mm



Included Accessories

Remote Control, 2 x AAA Batteries, CVBS video cable, Speaker Wire, FM antenna, AM antenna, Product Registration Card, User Manual



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