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7 Reasons to Buy Refurbished

Pricing on refurbished products can be up to 50% less than new products thus the savings can be significant.

Alternative when new is not available
When new products are discontinued or hard to find then refurbished models are a viable alternative.

Quality and return/warranty policy is comparable to new
Refurbished products are tested as much as new products and some times even more.
Most manufacturers and third parties want to protect their reputations and brand name
so they are very concerned about quality and support as it relates to refurbished products.
Our return policy is the same for refurbished as it is for new. We stand behind the product if or when it breaks.

Refurbished products with a 90 day warranty can qualify for a 1 year warranty
Manufacturers sell warranties that cover the complete system or server including any additional products installed
later in the system or server as long as they are the same brand. Example: You have a HP server and add a refurbished
HP hard drive. The refurbished HP drive you add with a 90 day warranty would be considered to have a 1 year warranty
under the servers 1 year warranty. In this example, there is no need to pay more and buy a new drive with a 1 year warranty.

Buying refurbished is a good solution vs. repairing or renting
If you compare repair refurbished pricing  vs. repair pricing and if you need a quick turnaround repair (which cost more)
it may be worth buying refurbished instead of going for the repair option or renting.

When performance does not matter then older slower and cheaper refurbished models can do the job
When performance is not an issue then the latest and fastest product is not always needed.  Many times if you do not the
speed of faster processors or features offered on new products then older refurbished models will work just fine.

Using refurbished parts help our planet and your green initiatives
When a product is refurbished and then is re-used this prevents it from becoming part of our landfills. 
Additionally, buying refurbished may also help with your organizations green initiatives.

When looking for refurbished computer related products try in USA or in Mexico




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